My second favourite F-word: FAT

ALERT This is another TMI post. Not in the catch-you-in-the-feels kind of way. More in the, “I’m talking about lady things and hormones” kind of way. I don’t need to be another person to tell you how good healthy fats are for you. The rise in avocado toast says it all. How much fat do … Continue reading My second favourite F-word: FAT


Sunday Spotlight: Embrace that healthy body, even the rolls.

Pre-warning: If you’re averse to TMI or don’t like emotions, leave now. Close the page. Stop reading. This is about to get personal. I will never, and have never claimed to have an eating disorder. But, like many girls, I have had an unhealthy relationship with food as I navigated adolescence and adulthood. And it … Continue reading Sunday Spotlight: Embrace that healthy body, even the rolls.

She’s back!

Ladies and gents, Clearly I took an extended hiatus, please let me explain. I moved across the country and, it turns out, that can take a toll on one's blog-writing abilities. Oh, and I got a little lazy. So here's my 2016 so far in a nut shell: The West Coast is the best coast, but … Continue reading She’s back!